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How would a little support and a huge dose of positive encouragement help YOU right now?

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Either way you’re in the right place at the right time. Encouragement and assistance when
you need it most…as you’re starting out and when your back is against the wall!


Image057Hello and welcome to the James Allen Institute website and information portal, my name is Kevin Williams and I am founder of the James Allen Institute and author of the James Allen Institute Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding.
With over three decades of project creation and proprietary business management in the UK and Europe I can lay claim to being a patented inventor, an award winning property developer and an accredited business development consultant, however, regardless of any meaningful work, achievements and failures I may have initiated, enjoyed and endured, I consider the James Allen Institute Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding to be the single most important, challenging and rewarding body of work I have undertaken to date, or could ever undertake, as it has by far the greatest potential to bring the most benefit to the greatest number of people in the most accessible format available.
“In less than a year I have financially and emotionally turned my life around with the help from the Road Map and the amazing information it contains!!! Thank you! Thank you!” Daniel La Flamme, Flintshire, UK
“An inspirational, wholly life changing programme we can all take advantage of – a true gift!” Suzanne Williams, Clinical Director, Mobius Medical, Sydney, AUS
“For thirty years I was a man of addiction…now I am a man of conviction! Thank you.” Antony Jones, Paphos, Cyprus
Over many years my absorption into Fundamental Awareness Education and the profound effect which the lack of this fundamental knowledge throughout society has had and is having on humanity now bosses and fuels my sense of purpose and personal aspiration and as such my sole purpose, the James Allen Institute’s sole purpose, above ALL else is to point YOU in the right direction and assist positively with your FUNDAMENTAL AWARENESS and personal development toward true contentment and well-being and a complete understanding of how and why YOUR outlook and attitude matters so significantly in the quest for GLOBAL SOCIAL HARMONY.
I consider myself simply a developer and a problem solver; a developer of ideas, enterprise and people’s energy, awareness and inspiration, a creative social entrepreneur with the propagation of correct fundamental awareness education throughout society project numero uno and my definite major purpose for which I am truly grateful.
So, whether it be burdensome personal issues or business related matters that are bothering you, or, if you are ready to break free and launch your entrepreneurial career, if I can be of service and share the benefit of my thirty something years experience with you, it really will be my pleasure and a privilege…you only have to ask.
Simply send a brief message using the Contact Form below (or email direct to and I will personally call you back in very short order and in the mean time do not hesitate to login to the Road Map as the benefits to you and your family simply cannot be overstated or will you take one look back once you engage. The information provided is that uplifting and life-altering.

Please take a look at my UNDERSTANDING AND OVERCOMING PAGES if you feel somewhat affected by Depression, Financial Difficulty or Suicidal Thoughts; the information will deliver some immediate solace I’m sure.


“I am touched by your warm, personal response. I already feel a deep connection with you.
Isn’t it amazing what happens when we open up to each other about that which is most important?”
“What you wrote there my friend is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much.” Tony
“Thank you so much for your reply. I will keep reading it throughout the day today to let it really sink in…”
“Again, thank you very much for your reply and some direction. I will follow up, you can be sure.” Stephanie


Entrepreneur Support

Creative Entrepreneurship is the manifestation in practical terms of your desire to make your living independently whilst engaged in activity which you truly love to do, and here at the James Allen Institute we love supporting, assisting and encouraging those who have a strong desire to aspire, grow and provide service for the benefit of others.

It would be our pleasure and our privilege to assist, advise and encourage you in every which way we can
The only prerequisites we must insist on? P.M.A – A positive mental attitude!
Oh, and bags of enthusiasm – just like Katarzyna and Tony!



Are you a Student?

is the single greatest PERFORMANCE ENHANCING RESOURCE you can have in your locker.


(Please share this information with family and friends.)


JA Login Page


Could you use some career advice?
Are you confused or uncertain as to what you really want to do with your life?
Are you fully engaged and inspired by your course?
Or are you listless and lacking motivation?
Your CORRECT ALIGNMENT is VITAL if you wish to enjoy a successful career and a wholly fulfilled life.
Please, get in touch, we can help!


Trouble Shooting, Problem Solving and Personal Alignment

If you desire it, we will help you overcome business difficulties, however extreme they may seem.
There is always a solution that will ease your burden – you just haven’t found it yet. Two heads are most definitely
better then one, and, without a shadow of a doubt, a problem shared is a problem DISEMPOWERED!

Do you feel you have been abused, taken advantage of or morally mistreated by a Bank or Financial Institution?
Are you embroiled now in what you feel is an unfair, untenable or unchallengeable David and Goliath situation with a Bank?

If so, please get in touch NOW, I would like to help you…

“Akin to Privilege, POWER [and Success] in any form should lead any individual,
group or institution to greater responsibility, greater compassion, greater charity
and to irreproachable levels of FAIR-PLAY…and NOT to the exact antithesis of this!”


A helpful heads up for anyone struggling with debt…


If debt is causing you (or someone you know) sleepless nights or worse at the moment, and you feel this subject is just too personal or difficult for you to breach with anyone you know (or even with a stranger face to face), then do not hesitate, click on the Step Change link below, dial the number and have a totally confidential chat with someone very supportive, very knowledgeable, very faceless and whose purpose of employment and primary function is solely to help you get some relief.

StepChange_Logo_Colour Please remember, a problem shared really is a problem halved and there is always a positive solution no matter how unlikely that may seem to you at this moment, and, perhaps the start of this solution may be even closer than you could ever think – like just one click away perhaps?


So, however you would like to engage or whatever you would like to work on I can guarantee you a wholly positive and uplifting experience and I look forward very much to meeting you.
Kevin Williams


…please continue perusing the site and please, LOGIN to the JAI ROAD MAP!

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