Third Sector Project Development

Third Sector Project Development | Children

Here at JAI we are pioneering an innovative and wholly creative business partnering formula to support and help child focused non-profit groups and causes focus on self reliance and enterprise with the specific aim of turning once charity reliant institutions into dynamic commercially functioning revenue generating organisations with the Children themselves right at the heart of the enterprise.
An empowerment model which not only focuses on the teaching, mentoring and practical application of self reliance but on the creation and promotion of a highly desirable and marketable BRAND for each organisation as a fundamental part of the process and initiative. Of course our aim and focus is to generate money which in turn would be used to secure each child’s education, welfare and well-being within a positive, optimistic environment and hopefully within an upwardly mobile equally optimistic community.
The creation of attractive, saleable COOL merchandise and literary/artistic products is the goal utilising whatever stimulus is available from the situation, location, fauna, flora and the personal and collective experiences which encompasses each group and triggers the imagination of whoever is involved with the group.
A perfect example of this are the resilient and awe inspiring Kazira Children from the Lake Bunyonyi region of Western Uganda…





Would YOUR Children’s Charitable Cause like to follow the KAZIRA lead?
Please get in touch we would love to hear from you!


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