If you are receptive to opportunity, good fortune and feel the overriding need for greater love, empathy and unity throughout society and humanity, this single page will positively alter the course of your life.









“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World”
Nelson Mandela ~ a wise selfless man.
“Selfishness, the root of the tree of evil and of all suffering, derives its nourishment from the dark soil of ignorance.”
James Allen ~ an enlightened beneficent educator.

jai activ’8 (verb)(with object) – (i) Make active or operative; stimulate; ignite ~ specifically 1. Love
2. Respect 3. Wisdom 4. Wellbeing 5. Compassion 6. Empathy 7. Selflessness 8. Unity

Welcome to the

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Dedicated to Global Social Harmony and to YOUR
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Welcome to the James Allen Institute

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“An inspirational, wholly life changing programme we can all take advantage of.
A true gift!”

Suzanne, AUS

Co-founder/Director, Mobius Medical Pty Ltd

“In less than a year I have financially and emotionally turned my life around with the help from the JAI Road Map and the amazing information it contains!!!”

Daniel, UK

“Immense gratitude to you, the JAI Road Map is a work of pure genius. It’s mind blowing. Thank you!”

Antony, Cyprus

Auto Engineer, Antony Autos Ltd

“Your words are powerful and clear. The Road Map is truly inspirational and exciting!”
Richard recently wrote in his column Completed Thoughts:
“I have recently begun to read Charles Haanel’s The Master Key System. I was turned on to this book after visiting the James Allen Institute’s Road Map to a Greater Understanding (which is a thing of beauty itself)…”

Richard Kronick, Zhuhai City, CHINA

Inspirational Writer, Mentor and University Lecturer, Contributor at Huffington Post

With speed and straightforwardness the JAI Road Map will help you achieve:
Greater Personal Contentment and Success, Family Harmony,
Entrepreneurial Excellence, Performance Greatness.

And with equal lucidity we WILL help you understand and overcome:
Financial Difficulty, Addiction, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts.

“Thanks for all the outstanding knowledge!”

Ritu, India

“Thank you. You are doing a great service for people in search of wisdom and truth.”

Mbaye, NY, USA

“Great stuff, best info I’ve looked at in years and you are right, really the key to everything!”

Don Striez, Baja, California

Musician and Entrepreneur , Rocket Industries


So, WHY?
Why would we want to create this enlightening and empowering
Road Map to a Greater Understanding especially for you?


Quite a few important reasons…




Successful, caring, mindful people take care of
themselves, their families and their environment.


Successful, caring, mindful people help others
achieve the same state of contentment & well-being.


Successful, caring, mindful people contribute
positively to both Society and Humanity.


And if you are a Student or a young person, you simply
hold the future in YOUR hands and we would like to
help you be as prepared and as successful
and as happy as you possibly can be.




Enlightened people DO NOT go around killing or maiming each other – FACT.


A picture REALLY does paint a thousand words.


And proves INSANITY beyond ANY doubt.


SHEER IGNORANCE deep within Humanity is driving and
fuelling ABHORRENT MINDLESS MADNESS deep within Society.
And YOUR well-being, contentment and LACK OF IGNORANCE is



With a positive outlook and the correct application and effort of thought, what is commonly referred to as ‘divine enlightenment’, and with it, the platform for your SUCCESS, is exactly what the James Allen Institute Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding is DESIGNED to deliver.




The James Allen Institute is dedicated to Global Social Harmony and to Your happiness and well-being and a world filled with enlightened individuals is a world WITHOUT mindless madness…




Our Goal is to provide a Road Map to Well-being for every living soul
who has the desire and wherewithal to utilise it…
Our Vision is to see the whole of Humanity enlightened, thriving and
content, devoid of limiting beliefs, preventable illness and
debilitating addiction, living independently in faith with inspired
purpose and selfless intent, energised and motivated by
the most powerful and freely available fuel sources in Nature’s
treasure chest…Knowledge, Love and Gratitude!
The results over time of this highly achievable ideology?
Nothing less than WORLD PEACE and the Human Race once more in harmony with the
Natural World and benefiting from an ever expanding intellect and consciousness!
The above ‘question’ – a contradiction in terms maybe,
but the ‘answer’ is simply hard fact and OUR destiny!


Choose to believe it!

“The problem of life consists in learning how to live. It is like the problem of addition or subtraction to the schoolboy. When mastered, all difficulty disappears, and the problem has vanished. All the problems of life, whether they be social, political, or religious, subsist in ignorance and wrong-living. As they are solved in the heart of each individual, they will be solved in the mass of men. Humanity at present is in the painful stage of learning. It is confronted with the difficulties of its own ignorance. As men learn to live rightly, learn to direct their forces and use their functions and faculties by the light of wisdom, the sum of life will be correctly done, and its mastery will put an end to all the problems of evil. To the wise, all such problems have ceased.” JAMES ALLEN (Circa 1911)


How much does it ‘really’ cost to use the JAI Road Map?


It is entirely up to you.


Use it, ENJOY IT, take advantage of it, and when you’re ready, and if you have the means, make a donation of your choosing using the Paypal button on your Members Page, (in keeping with your own financial circumstances and in respect of what the Road Map has been worth to you), or you may prefer to show your appreciation for our work and support those we support by:
1. Purchasing THE JAI DIARY and the wonderful works of James Allen from the JAI STORE, and…
2. Joining in with WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN and purchasing a hat and/or a drinks bottle…
FYI – 25% of ALL revenue received from JAI ROAD MAP donations and 50% of the Gross Profit from sales of JAI and WTWFC Merchandise goes DIRECTLY to the JAMES ALLEN INSTITUTE CHILDREN IN CRISIS FOUNDATION which is dedicated solely to supporting children in crisis.
Of course these sources of revenue also allows JAI to exist and allows for the JAI ROAD MAP to be free and accessible to ANYONE throughout the World, and especially those who really do not have the means to contribute financially toward such a programme, thus we are incredibly appreciative and grateful of your support, involvement and for the important purchases and/or financial contributions you make.


Uplift and Enlightenment Tutelage for ALL


Take advantage of the JAI ROAD MAP…only good can come of it.


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But firstly, learn of WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN…


Hi, I’m Kevin Williams, Founder of the James Allen Institute and I would like to invite you to join me wherever you may be in the World for a little exercise, a lot of fun, and a HUGE amount of camaraderie and positive intent…
Welcome to WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN, a truly global initiative that EVERYONE can take part in and one which EVERYONE makes a positive difference to a child’s life just by doing so.


Please join in, it’s SO easy…


Simply pull on your walking shoes, don your WTWFC Hat, grab your WTWFC Drinks Bottle and go WALK THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN, wherever you are in the world, wherever you love to walk.
And whether you enjoy walking on your own or with your hiking group or with family and friends, YOU and everyone who takes part in this truly global initiative will do so in the SURE KNOWLEDGE that your participation is having and will continue to have a positive and DIRECT effect on the lives of those thousands of children throughout the World for whom we HAVE A DUTY to support and make safe and secure…Children who are desperate in every sense of the word, and desperately in need of some LOVE and CARE right now!
Please continue reading to understand how and why your involvement is SO instrumental in helping Children in Crisis throughout the world…



Simply by purchasing a WTWFC hat, drinks bottle or any other piece of purposeful JAI/WTWFC merchandise and wearing and using the items you have bought with pride and purpose, wherever and whenever you ‘Walk in the World’ does two major things as you will now discover:

This is the ‘agenda’ for WTWFC and why so:

The James Allen Institute (JAI) focuses on providing success tutelage and uplift education for everyone to take advantage of and benefit from. (THE JAI ROAD MAP)

‘Sanity for Humanity’ is JAI’s agenda and the end game as a world filled with enlightened and mindful individuals is a world without mindless madness. And until such time that we all wise-up, Children throughout the World, who WE brought into the world, continue to be caught up in abhorrent situations throughout the world…and who are at best, severely traumatised and displaced by the insane actions of those people who are meant to look after them…ALL OF US.

Walk the World for Children is something we can all do, wherever we are in the world, to both raise awareness of the dire need for correct Fundamental Awareness Education throughout the WHOLE of society, and by you simply buying and wearing a WTWFC hat or drinks bottle or any other JAI/WTWFC item, you are both pointing people in the direction of where such enlightening educative material can be FREELY found, (i.e. www.jamesalleninstitute.org), AND, you are helping those Children in the firing line DIRECTLY, because of revenue you help generate and we distribute DIRECTLY to the best possible resource.

And of course, positive intent, good will and enjoyable physical exercise are ALL very good things for our own wellbeing too I’m sure you’ll agree.

FYI – 25% of ALL revenue received from JAI ROAD MAP donations and 50% of the Gross Profit from sales of JAI and WTWFC Merchandise goes DIRECTLY to the JAI CHILDREN IN CRISIS FUND which is dedicated solely to supporting children in real crisis.

Presently we pledge our support to UNICEF, as by far they are best placed on the ground to help the children and families in the most severely effected areas of unrest around the world who are truly in a crisis situation.

You can let us know what you’re up to and your whereabouts in the World and we will mention you on Social Media (if you wish) and please, remember, the JAI ROAD MAP is YOURS to enjoy and benefit from – please take advantage – welcome to TEAM JAI!




In summary: We walk, we talk, we buy a hat or a t-shirt or water bottle and we Walk the World for Children knowing that our actions and intent will make a HUGE difference and continue to make a huge difference to EVERYONE in the World going forward.

So, I Walk the World for Children and I invite you to join me and take FREE advantage of the JAI Road Map, wearing or using your WTWFC hat or drinks bottle with pride knowing this small yet ultra-meaningful purchase together with your hyper-meaningful contribution toward the greater good is THE most purposeful purchase you will ever make and THE most important act of solidarity and unity that you can ever engage in.

I love walking and especially exploring new trails in stunning locations and it is my personal intention to visit and take organised WTWFC Meetup Events to the ‘best’ walks and hikes throughout the British Isles and beyond and I would sincerely LOVE IT if you would join me and join in…

For the benefit of you and your whole family and as a HUGE thank you for your kindness and support, log on, take advantage and enjoy the JAMES ALLEN INSTITUTE CONCISE ROAD MAP TO A GREATER UNDERSTANDING, and please feel free to contact me directly if I can be of any Service and Support to you personally. The JAI ROAD MAP will expand your outlook and improve your life…NO OTHER RESULT IS POSSIBLE…as say the many appreciative people who have taken advantage before you…

“In less than a year I have financially and emotionally turned my life around with the help from the James Allen Institute Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding and the amazing information it contains!!! Thank you! Thank you!” Daniel, UK

However you decide to engage in WTWFC, I thank you and hopefully look forward to meeting you personally very soon.

Best wishes and HAPPY WALKING!



SO, wherever you are in the World there is absolutely NO REASON in the World why you can’t enjoy and take advantage of the JAI ROAD MAP and join TEAM JAI, as together, we CAN make ALL the difference.









“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World”
Nelson Mandela


Take advantage of the JAI ROAD MAP,
only good can come of it.
…and PLEASE share!


“For thirty years I was a man of addiction, now I am a man of conviction. Thank you!”
(Day 4) “…I am so grateful for the knowledge that seems to be flowing in. Thank you for your wisdom once again…every person on the planet should follow your Road Map…”
(Day 11) “…every day feels like a new day at the moment, very focused and have a great sense of purpose. Off to work now feeling empowered, thank you for giving me a new outlook on life…”

Tony Jones, Paphos, CYP

Antony Autos Ltd

The James Allen Institute is a public-spirited private enterprise committed to
the propagation of Fundamental Awareness Education throughout society.

The JAI ROAD MAP will expand your outlook and improve your life...


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