Our Ethos


The James Allen Institute is not a charitable organisation in the literal sense as we KNOW that this is not the best way to assist and support any individual or group in the long term and of course we too have to be self supporting and commercial if we are to provide any service or make any real difference going forward; thus if you are appreciative of our work, our financial model and the support we endeavour to provide, then we would gladly accept a donation of your choosing as and when you are ready and feel comfortable to do so.
Our ethos is simply this:
If you feel that you have benefited from the information and service you receive, then, and only then, would we gratefully accept a contribution from you, ultimately a payment of your choosing and based purely on what our service has been worth to you and in line with what you can afford and what you are pleased to give. On completion of your ‘Road Map’ or whenever the thought arises, you have a simple decision to make when contemplating the value of the service you have received.
Your contribution will never be judged or questioned in any way – and like our ethos, our philosophy is also simple:
If you are satisfied with the service you receive then as a grateful and sincere person you will happily pay what you feel the service you have enjoyed and benefited from is worth, within the limits of your own financial position, and if you are less that satisfied with the service you receive then why on earth should you pay anything at all?!
Important note with a special thank you attached as we do have one request to make if you appreciate and support our work:
We would be very grateful if you could help us a little to succeed with our very important objective by simply sharing our site with as many friends, family members and associates as you possibly can using the share buttons (found at the bottom of any page) and please take the trouble to leave a testimonial or any feedback you may have using the contact form on the ROAD MAP ‘Your Membership’ page as this will help and benefit others immensely…as well as helping us to make our programs and THE JAMES ALLEN INSTITUTE as good and as useful as can be!


Who Shares Winsto Give IS to Receive!




Child eating apple We pledge our charitable support to the Children of the World who are suffering at this very moment. Those children whom, at this very moment, need the care, love and support they truly deserve and have the right to expect from all of the adults of the world, and of course we pledge through our work and the James Allen Institute Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding to raise awareness to the real fundamental pressing need for correct Fundamental Awareness Education in Society, so as their suffering may STOP, peace and happiness may prevail, and great acts of charity need only eventually be witnessed in two places:
1. On the ground when Mother Nature shows us who’s boss, and
2. In our history books!


Until this day arrives we pledge our charitable support to UNICEF whose people simply do an incredible job.
Please check out the work UNICEF do and take advantage of the JAI Road Map, together we can make ALL the difference in the World.


Donations and Gifts


On behalf of the James Allen Institute and those we assist, work with and support, we thank you for your kindness; your donations are important, valuable to all concerned, and gratefully received. Thank you.