This to your dedicated page on the JAI Website and hopefully it will be a fundamental staging post to a long and profitable relationship with the Science of Success!
Use this page to register and login to the programme we have adapted and developed especially for you. An outstanding programme designed to compliment and add to the outstanding set of ingredients and opportunities you already have at college or university; information and subject matter that WILL supercharge your motivation, effort and potential throughout your student years and thereafter for the rest of your life.

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To join in and take advantage of the James Allen Institute Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding all you have to do is simply click on the button below or the Knowledge Rocks image adjacent and follow the simple registration and login instructions.
And ALL we would like you to commit to in order to take advantage of this stimulating and inspiring self-development programme is a promise you will give the Road Map your attention and concentration over the coming months and tell your friends about it so they too can take advantage.
(Anyone can use the JAI Road Map regardless of where you may be in the world or how much money you may or may not have so PLEASE share this source of uplift and support with your friends.)



Could you use some career advice?
Are you unsure what you really want to do with your life?
Are you fully engaged and inspired by your course?
Or are you listless and lacking motivation?


Your CORRECT ALIGNMENT is VITAL if you wish to enjoy a
successful career and a wholly fulfilled life. Please use the JAI Road
Map, it will help you, and please get in touch, we can help too.


Enjoy the Road Map – it will bring you nothing but uplift and enlightenment and if you would like a little help and support you can contact me directly from YOUR MEMBERSHIP page of the Road Map – please don’t hesitate if you’re feeling rotten or something is bothering you.

Best wishes, Kevin